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SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense Dark Spot Serum 30ml

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Image 1, at a glance. Texture = oil free, lightweight serum. Skin type = combination and oily. image 2, KEY INGREDIENTS 3% TRANEXAMIC ACID Minimizes discoloration and brown patches with continued use. KOJIC ACID Helps improve skin brightness. 5% NIACINAMIDE Also known as Vitamin B3, this water-soluble vitamin helps reduce discoloration. 5% HEPES Helps break the bonds that bind dead skin cells to the surface to facilitate even exfoliation. image 3, even skin tones in as early as 2 weeks. image 4, before and after 12 weeks - average results. Protocol: Average results shown. A 12-week, single-center. clinical study was conducted on 50 females, ages 25 to 60, Fitzpatrick I-IV with mild to moderate facial skin discoloration, including stubborn dork spots, post-acne marks, and uneven skin tone. Discoloration Defense was applied to the face twice a doy in Coniunction With o sunscreen. Efficacy and tolerability evoluotions were conducted baseline and weeks 2, 8, and 2Protocol: A single-centere clinical study was conducted on 51 female subiects. Fitzpatrick with visible signs Of skin discoloration/ hyperpigmentation, including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation ond melasma. Discoloration Defense WOs applied to the face twice a doy in coniunction With a sunscreen. Efficacy ond tolerability evaluations were conducted Ot baseline at weeks 2, 4, 8, and 12. image 5, clincally proven results. 81% decrease in post acne marks. 60% reduction in brown patches. 59% improvement in uneven skin tones. 20% improvement in discoloration after 2 weeks. image 6, how to apply. step 1 = twice daily dispense 3-5 drops into clean hands. step 2 = gently press into skin on the face evenly, follow with sunscreen. image 7, aesthetician insight, cori ramos, skinceuticals pro and licensed aethetician said - discoloration defense helps reduce the appearance of surface discoloration (key ingredient niacinamide), but also reduced the inflammatory response caused by heat, hormones, and other environmental aggressors. controlling inflammation is the first step in preventing and reducing discoloration. image 8, customer review, an anonymous dermstore customer said - helps lighten my melasma. my dermatologist specialises in melasma highly recommended this product to be used during my skin care regime for melasma treatment. i'm on my second bottle and am seeing a significant difference. well worth the money, now on. image 9, discoloration treatment comparison. discoloration defense = concern - discoloration. skin type - normal, oily, dry, combination, sensitive. benefit - discoloration and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation treatment. phyto A+ brightening treatment = concern - dehydrated, sensitized, discoloration, dull and acne. skin type = normal, oily, dry, conbination and sensitive. benefit - brightness, improved texture and clarity. image 10 COMPLETE THE MORNING REGIMEN PRODUCTS SOLD SEPARATELY STEP 1 PREVENT PHLORETIN CF STEP 2 CORRECT DISCOLORATION DEFENSE STEP 3 CORRECT METACELL RENEWAL B3 STEP 4 PROTECT SHEER PHYSICAL UV DEFENSE SUNSCREEN SPF 50. image 11, COMPLETE THE NIGHTTIME REGIMEN PRODUCTS SOLD SEPARATELY STEP 1 CLEANSE GLYCOLIC RENEWAL CLEANSER STEP 2 PREVENT PHLORETIN CF STEP 3 CORRECT DISCOLORATION DEFENSE STEP 4 CORRECT METACELL RENEWAL B3. image 12, pro formula, clinically formulated = paraben free, hydroquinone free, fragrance free, silicone free.


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