Mylee Crème CaraGel Grape 5g

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Image 1,Cruelty-free & vegan HEMA-free Super pigmented colour Remove in 6 mins Cures in 30-60 secs No pooling or dripping Non tacky formula Lasts up to 3 weeks Image 2, Step-By-Step 30-60 secs 1. PREP Push back your cuticles & shape your nails with a file. Gently remove shine and oil from the nail plate with a buffing block, followed by a lint-free wipe soaked in Mylee Prep & Wipe. 2. BASE Apply a Mylee Base Coat & cure your nails for 30-60 seconds using the Mylee Pro LED Lamp. Remove any gel on your skin before curing.
              mylee BASE COAT GEL POLISH 3. COLOUR Take an oval brush (or a nail art brush if you're getting creative) and dip into your chosen Crème CaraGel, then apply onto your nails in smooth strokes. Cure for 30-60 secs with the lamp and repeat to build colour. 4. TOP COAT Apply a Mylee Top Coat and cure. If you've used a regular Top coat, remove the sticky layer by wiping the nails with a lint-free wipe soaked in Mylee Prep & Wipe. 5. FINISH Wash your hands, moisturise and rub in a little cuticle oil to finish!


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